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AbsoluteTelnet 2.13 RC20 Released!!!

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It\'s that time again!!

AbsoluteTelnet 2.13 is nearing completion and ready for general beta testing. A number of small changes have been made, but the biggest change is a major revamp of the SSH2 code for increased performance and reliability. More details can be found here:

[url= ][/url]

You can get the file from the \'Files\' section of the yahoo group:

[url= ][/url]

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give this a try and let me know if you have any problems. In particular, anyone who uses SSH2, port forwarding, X forwarding, or RSA Key authentication should give that functionality
a thorough workout.

Thanks for your assistance!

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This RC seems to have fixed a buffer bug in SSH2 connections.... but it\'s about to expire. Any ETA on the release or a new candidate? I want to keep this functionality if possible 😎