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AbsoluteTelnet Telnet, SSH, and SFTP Client

Docking TabsAbsoluteTelnet / SSH is a telnet and SSH client for Windows.  A secure flexible SSH client with SFTP file transfer and rock-solid emulations that is suitable for developers, administrators, or deployment across the enterprise. It includes the industry standard SSH protocols to secure terminal session data across insecure environments such as the internet. Its new tabbed interface is a favorite among AbsoluteTelnet users, and new features are being added all the time! If you need unrelenting performance and unmatched features, then AbsoluteTelnet is what you've been looking for.  Download it now and take it for a spin!!

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Once again I will tell you your product is excellent... I use it with FreeBSD and Linux (RedHat) and have had nothing but joy. -- Penny Rand - Seattle, WA