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  • AbsoluteTelnet / SSH version 9.82 supports the Hong Kong Supplemental Character Set (HKSCS)
  • AbsoluteTelnet / SSH version 9 includes dynamic port forwarding?
  • AbsoluteTelnet / SSH version 9 now supports DoD CAC cards for smartcard authentication?
  • AbsoluteTelnet / SSH version 9 is compatible with Windows 7?
  • AbsoluteTelnet / SSH version 8 includes a new FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography module for SSH2?
  • AbsoluteTelnet / SSH version 8 introduces full scripting using VBScript?
  • AbsoluteTelnet / SSH version 8 now has dockable tabs?

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Love the product, I tried EVERY telnet in Tucows and yours was head and shoulders above the rest in configurability and usability. Well done!!!! -- John Hayes - JMH Web Services