Version History

Changes made in version 12.17(June 23, 2024)

  • After a failed connection, autoconfigure will suggest algorithms to enable if doing so will allow a successful connection
  • Fixed an issue with long license names introduced in 12.16
  • Smartcard – attempt first sign without prompting for pin. Pin may already be cached.
  • SSH – correctly return to the prior folder when switching folders fails (often due to permissions)
  • Better notification of success or fail when submitting crash dumps
  • Fix some small bugs and spelling errors.

Changes made in version 12.16(April 4, 2024)

  • Fixed unexpected crash on startup
  • Fixed issue that caused edges of the window boundary to be unpainted.
  • Eliminated warning when creating new window from an ‘untitled’ one.
  • Terminal ‘reset’ from server now resets window size to a sane state

Changes made in version 12.15(March 20, 2024)

  • FIX install process to include additional DLL necessary on some Windows 10 platforms

Changes made in version 12.14(February 15, 2024)

  • FIX for zmodem crash when selecting large numbers of files

Changes made in version 12.13(January 31, 2024)

  • FIX for port forwarding bug introduced in 11.39

Changes made in version 12.12(January 25, 2024)

  • FIX for authentication agent forwarding that was breaking on some servers without an error or explanation.  Internally, AbsoluteTelnet did not recognize some optional extensions offered by the server and aborted instead of simply ignoring them.  Servers that did not offer agent extensions had no problems.
  • FIX for ASCII file downloads over SFTP.  Prior to version 12.12, some characters would be truncated from the end of the file.

Changes made in version 12.11(January 5, 2024)

  • Introduced SSH Strict KEX to address Terrapin vulnerability (see TERRAPIN)

Changes made in version 11.42(November 27, 2023)

  • Fixed bug with ‘classic’ interface introduced in 11.41

Changes made in version 11.41(November 16, 2023)

  • Implemented OpenSSH ETM Macs (Encrypt then MAC)
  • Implemented SHA2 signatures for authentication keys  (RFC-8308)
  • Added configurable shell options to enable things like sourceforge interactive shell (Option->Properties->Connection->SSH2->Options)
  • Fix some crash scenarios
  • Fix other minor bugs
  • Reconfirm backward compatibility to Windows 7

Changes made in version 11.38(June 28, 2023)

  • Fix buffer overrun bug causing a crash when license keys aren’t entered correctly
  • Upgraded build environment to Visual studio to 2019
  • Code signing using new Sectigo hardware based token

Changes made in version 11.36(January 26, 2023)

  • Fixed bug in agent forwarding that prevented it from working with smart cards

Changes made in version 11.35(July 14, 2022)

  • New decryption algorithms for encrypted keys (AES256-ctr, IDEA, Camellia, DES-CBC)
  • Support for reading the new putty PPK key format
  • Fixed crashing during printing

Changes made in version 11.33(April 17, 2022)

  • New version available now in the Microsoft app store
  • Updates for dpi-awareness to improve images, icons, menus, and fonts in multi-dpi desktops

Changes made in version 11.29(September 27, 2021)

  • Enable RSA sha2 and sha5 verifiers
  • Added rsa-sha2-512 and rsa-sha2-256 host key algorithms
  • Fix passthrough printing for V4 xps printer drivers
  • Updates for cleaner shutdown

Changes made in version 11.24(August 13, 2020)

  • Fixed display problem in VIM under Ubuntu 18
  • Fixed registration error in single-user install after system-level install had previously been done.

Changes made in version 11.22(June 20, 2020)

  • Eliminated extra prompting and messaging on screen during key re-exchange
  • Fixed crash when application was exiting but couldn’t write back the config file it was using
  • Added timestamps for signtool
  • Enhance dump file reporting for single-user installs
  • Fix problem where application window would sometimes not display at all
  • Fix decrypt of OpenSSH ‘new’ format keys under 32-bit build

Changes made in version 11.21(March 14, 2020)

  • Add support for new format of openssh key files
  • ED25519 algorithm for HOST KEYS and public key authentication
  • ECDSA   algorithm for HOST KEYS and public key authentication
  • ECDH    host key exchange
  • Added single-user install that doesn’t require admin permission
  • Fixed X11 forwarding
  • Fixed dynamic port forwarding

Changes made in version 11.12(August 12, 2019)

  • Created installer to install 32-bit application on 64-bit windows.  This is necessary for those who wish to continue to use scripting, which doesn’t have a 64-bit implementation.
  • Added explicit warning to 64-bit version when scripting is attempted.
  • Fixed crash during Dynamic port forwarding under heavy load
  • Fixed application’s failure to upload prior crash for analysis

Changes made in version 11.09(July 26, 2019)

  • Corrected X11 display forwarding broken in 11.07
  • Adjusted some display elements to display their full width

Changes made in version 11.07(March 1, 2019)

  • On 64-bit machines, installer now installs a 64-bit version of the app.
  • Included ED25519 for host keys, which is now the minimum required on some servers
  • Added support for three new Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithms :
    • diffie-hellman-group14-sha256
    • diffie-hellman-group16-sha512
    • diffie-hellman-group18-sha512
  • Improved windows 10 DPI scaling using per-monitor DPI (version 2).  In short, windows now scale properly when you move them between monitors with different resolutions (primary monitor, external monitor, laptop monitor, etc)
  • Improved error handling using Windows Error Reporting, allowing a user to capture

Changes made in version 10.16(Jul 13, 2016)

  • Maintenance fix, several small display bugs related to xterm terminal type
  • Fixed Zmodem failure with non-conforming zmodem servers
  • Fixed more DPI related issues in Windows 10

 Changes made in version 10.15(Jan 21, 2016)

  • Fixed printing related bug associated with DPI changes in 10.14
  • Fixed Zmodem failure
  • Added protection to thwart a potential DLL substitution attack.  Thanks go out to John Page (aka hyp3rlinx) for reporting this.
  • Fixed SFTP failures with OpenVMS servers

Changes made in version 10.14(Aug 11, 2015)

  • Support for windows 8 and 10 high DPI displays.

Changes made in version 10.12(Jun 16, 2015)

  • Add new HASH, KEX, and MAC algorithms to support hardened SSH server configurations
    • HASH: SHA256
    • MAC: HMAC-SHA2-256, HMAC-SHA2-512
  • Add ASCII file send
  • Fixed parsing of xterm 256-color mode that was causing blinking man pages
  • Improved support for GlobalScape SFTP server
  • Prevent ZModem from starting twice when once will do
  • Better error messages and error handling in smartcard authentication
  • Improved support for logins to SSH servers that don’t support shell access (SFTP ONLY)
  • For clarity, some errors print on-screen now instead of in popups

Changes made in version 9.83(Jan 31, 2014)

  • Support 128-bit AES encrypted private keys generated by newer versions of OpenSSH/OpenSSL
  • For future-proofing, also support 192 and 256 bit AES encrypted keys
  • Support Putty .ppk private keys
  • Changed key generation to encrypt private keys with 256-bit AES

Changes made in version 9.82(Aug 16, 2013)

  • Support for BIG5/HKSCS 2004
  • Increased compatibility with Cisco IOS
  • Fixed compatibility problem with Microsoft Firewall Client

Changes made in version 9.53(Nov 25, 2012)

  • Bug fix for all issues with 9.49

Changes made in version 9.49(July 1, 2012)

  • Added native support for SecurID Soft Token
  • Enhanced performance and behavior of the SFTP dialog under heavy load
  • Fixed compatibility bug between Windows 7 and SCO OpenServer
  • Fixed a few memory leaks and resource leaks

 Changes made in version 9.18(January 7, 2011)

  • Version 9.18 is a bugfix version and available to all users of 9.XX (and most users of version 8)
  • Fixed unnecessary error messages during SFTP 
  • Fixed connection error in dialup connections under Windows 7
  • Add option for hosts to run scripts on client.  For security reasons, user must provide confirmation to run the script
  • Fixed file selection dialog box so it remembers the last used filenames under Windows 7
  • Fixed another crash on Windows 7

 Changes made in version 9.15(Nov 11, 2010)

  • Version 9.15 is a bugfix version and available to all users of 9.XX (and most users of version 8)
  • Fixed crash on Windows 7
  • Fixed missing icon in undocked windows
  • Fixed Wyse60 bug
  • Fixed scripting bug in WaitFor and WaitForTimeout functions
  • Fixed crash in SFTP shell when navigating to ‘My Computer’ pseudo folder.

Changes made in version 9.12(Aug 18, 2010)

  • Added dynamic port forwarding (options->properties->connection->ssh2->forwarding)
  • Added support for DoD CAC cards in smartcard authentication
  • Added Televideo 950 emulation (options->properties->VTOptions->Terminal Options)
  • Added ability to select between binary and ASCII file transfer when using SFTP (context menu of SFTP transfer dialog)
  • Added ability to start SSH connection without interactive terminal session. This allows forwarding-only connections. (options->properties->Connection->ssh2->Options)
  • Added ability to disable authentication agent forwarding altogether. (options->properties->connection->ssh2->forwarding)
  • Added more verbose information to the screen during the connection process
  • Can now cancel out of an SFTP transfer when failures occur
  • Added trace option for SSH2 connections. (options->properties->connection->ssh2->options)
  • Added option to show/hide hidden files (SFTP) (Options->properties->transfer)
  • Added option to disable URL highlighting (Options->properties->appearance)
  • Added support for Hindi scripts in UTF-8
  • Changed demo mode to use on-screen watermark instead of timeout.
  • When BELL occurs in a tab that is not the current tab, flash the icon on the tab to get the user’s attention. When the Absolute Window is not the current window, flash the window and the task bar button.
  • Remove the popups that occur when a connection fails and replace with on-screen text instead.
  • Do a reverse lookup on hostname to find the canonical DNS name required for GSSAPI authentication.
  • Increased packet size to be compatible with acme packet routers
  • Updated toolbar graphic images
  • Fixed crash during SFTP file transfer
  • Fixed ZModem file transfer under Windows 7
  • Fixed passthru printing where some data was not getting passed cleanly.

Changes made in version 8.14(Sep 15, 2009)

  • Add support for SSH style password change requests from server
  • Added ‘bold is bright’ option
  • Added option to turn off bell sound
  • Add *true* transparency
  • Use terminal character set to interpret file names in SFTP (includes UTF8 filename support)
  • Expanded scripting API
  • Extended scripting API to allow AbsoluteTelnet to be used via ActiveX
  • Enhanced compatibility with older servers
  • Fixed bug in smartcard module.
  • Fixed X11 forwarding when multiple windows are open
  • Return focus to terminal after passthru print is complete
  • Return focus to remaining tabs when a tab is closed

Changes made in version 7.21(Mar 25, 2009)

  • Added support for ssh-style password change. (RFC4252)
  • Fix X11 forwarding when multiple tabs are open.

Changes made in version 7.18(Jan 20, 2009)

  • AbsoluteTelnet/SSH version 7 and above now use a FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography library for all SSH2 communications.
  • Added 192 bit AES encryption in CBC mode (aes192-cbc)
  • Added 256 bit arcfour (arcfour256)
  • Added CTR mode for all AES and 3DES encryptions (aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr, 3des-ctr)
  • Tabs are now dockable.
  • Scripting is now available using the VBScript scripting language.
  • Added URL highlighting and hot-linking
  • Added scrollback search on toolbar
  • Added HTTP proxy as proxy option.

Changes made in version 6.28(Apr 14, 2008)

  • Add new legacy character set translations (CP850, CP852, CP855, CP857)
  • SFTP now honors the download directory setting in the Options->Properties->Transfer tab as the initial directory for the SFTP dialog.
  • Change screen resize methods so you don’t lose the cursor off the bottom of the screen when you resize the window or switch between maximized/restored state.
  • Fixed bug in the tabbed interface when the tabs span multiple lines
  • Fixed bug that corrupted the display under certain low memory conditions
  • Fixed crash when you shutdown the app
  • Fixed dialup so that it selects the proper dialup device
  • Add updates to make in run in Win98 and below

Changes made in version 6.12(Feb 4, 2008)

  • Fixed an issue where the bell was sounding when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed toolbar on Pocket PC so that the connect/disconnect buttons are visible again
  • Fixed ZModem so that the shell prompt is correctly displayed following a transfer
  • Fixed ZModem so that window focus is restored to the command line following a transfer
  • Enhance double-buffering by attempting to allocate the background drawing buffer with CreateDIBSection when CreateCompatibleBitmap fails.
  • Change the way focus is maintained when navigating from tab to tab. Doing this the wrong way was causing Absolute to become out of sync with the selected language in the Windows language bar status window.
  • Fix xmodem-send (broken in version 5)
  • Fix crash that can be caused by improperly loading a keymap
  • Re-enable drag/drop file transfer for zmodem
  • Fixed resource leak

Changes made in version 6.01(Nov 15, 2007)

  • Added integrated SFTP client
  • Reduce requested buffer size to enhance compatibility with embedded sftp servers like SFTPTools that don’t like larger buffer sizes
  • Remapping the num-lock key now prevents it from toggling the numlock state.
  • Added Wyse keyboard locking
  • Added Wyse60 host defined function keys
  • Fixed bug when choosing country code for dialup connections f
  • Fixed some compatibility problems in Wyse60 emulation
  • Fixed drag scrolling

Changes made in version 5.49(bugfix)

  • Fixed unexpected crash
  • Properly initialize the xterm 256-color default colormap
  • Other bug fixes and UI enhancements

Changes made in version 5.44(Jun 14, 2007)

  • Added support for additional UI languages (German, French, Russian, Norweigan, Portuguese, Hungarian) to add to the existing ones (English, Chinese simplified)
  • Pocket PC version now in Beta. Pocket PC now supports telnet, ssh1, and ssh2 connections using publickey or password authentication.
  • Added option to passthru printing to allow printing to a serial port. While most useful on Pocket PC, this option can also be used on the PC if necessary. This option includes the ability to do bidirectional communication on the serial port to allow host applications to read from devices that may have built-in barcode scanners or mag-stripe readers.
  • Added RFC2782 compliant SRV record lookup to augment DNS resolution
  • Added an option to allow the user to pick how to populate the username field. Choices are to use the Windows username, last-used username, or leave blank.
  • Enhanced support for Unicode data to include surrogates, Arabic shaping, and characters outside of the BMP, including those needed for GB18030 encoding
  • Added support for Unicode 5.0
  • Changed the way the default Asian font is selected
  • Changed the way screen resizing is handled to prevent loss of data on tabs that are not the foreground tab.
  • Fixed a bug in passthru printing
  • Fixed GB18030 parsing to handle the 4-byte sequences
  • Fixed a bug in SSH1 where certain error messages were not being displayed when necessary
  • Fixed SCOANSI emulation bug
  • Fixed a problem with telnet option negotiation
  • Fixed a problem where a restricted Windows user would be prompted to set the default telnet or ssh client every time they run the program, regardless of their answer to the prompt.

Changes made in version 5.35(Jan 17, 2007)

  • Tabbed Interface
  • Add option to edit global defaults. Previously, you could only save and delete them.
  • Add ‘New Window’ in addition to ‘New Tab’. Make sure new tabs open in proper window
  • Add option to the .tnt right-click context menu to ‘open in a new window’ instead of the default action of opening in the existing window
  • Add ctrl-tab and shift-ctrl-tab to cycle through tabs
  • Add timed update to tiled preview window
  • Add feature to allow you to drag and drop a .tnt file onto the window where you want it to open
  • Add keyboard interface to tabbed preview pane. Can now use arrow keys (left, right, up, down) and enter key to select.
  • Enhance SSH agent forwarding to also work with dsa keys
  • Change overstrike from a slider to a checkbox. Only one level of overstrike looks good anyway. Default overstrike changes from 0 to 1.
  • Change default font size from 8 to 12. With today’s large displays, 8 rarely is large enough any more.
  • Default the username to the current Windows username. Previously, this was defaulted to blank.
  • Repositioned the font name and size dropdowns on the toolbar. They are usually placed a little too high.
  • Moved the terminal size options from the vtoptions page to the appearance page and changed the description of the ‘fixed size’ option. It now reads:
    When the user changethe window size:
    (o) Scale font, keep rows and columns FIXED
    ( ) Automatically change rows and columns
  • Combined gssapi-keyex and gssapi-with-mic methods into one and renamed it to ‘GSSAPI (ActiveDirectory, Kerberos, NTLM)’ Internally, both gssapi-keyex and gssapi-with-mic are used whenever suppported by the server
  • Added a flag to control credential delegation in GSSAPI mode.
  • Add handler for ssh: urls so they can be opened in IE and FireFox. Prompt user to allow AbsoluteTelnet to be the default app for ssh.\
  • Fix Absolute so URLs starting with telnet: and ssh: open a new tab in the running app when using the tabbed interface
  • Modified host key validation for SSH1 and SSH2 to be port specific. This way, you can run servers on different ports and store each key separately in your list of ‘know hosts’.
  • Close logfile when tab is closed
  • Change the way screen dimensions are ‘remembered’ . Now, remembers the actual screen dimensions instead of terminal rows/cols and font size.
  • Add full-screen and maximized-screen to the attributes that are remembered and restored across sessions
  • Fix incompatibility with Windows powertoy task-switcher
  • Fix problem where focus switches when a tab closes even if it wasn’t the one you were looking at.
  • Fix shutdown prompts
  • Fix a crash in SSH1 that happens if the connection dies before you are able to login.
  • Fix problem that caused desktop icons to redraw
  • Fix ‘fullscreen’ to work properly with multiple tabs
  • Fix serial connections so they work in multi-tabbed interface
  • Fix ssh2 under win98
  • Fix handle leak when reading serial ports
  • Fix handle leak in zmodem dialog
  • Fix compatibility issues with Win95
  • Fix crash when trying to open URLs that are too long.
  • Fixed a few minor emulation bugs
  • Fixed bug when sending large files from client to host. App would freeze although transfer is still in progress.

Changes made in version 5.01(Oct 20, 2006)

  • Tabbed Interface
  • Support for gssapi authentication (gssapi-with-mic and gssapi-keyex)
  • IPV6 Support
  • Add support for text requiring RightToLeft reading order

Changes made in version 4.61(May 12, 2006)

  • Switching between 80/132 columns scales font instead of changing the window size
  • Scale the font during print so that it will fit the width of the page
  • Add print margins (File->Page Setup)
  • Enhance wyse60 emulation
  • Show which com port you’re connected to in the status line
  • Add print coalescing to all passthru printing
  • Fixed printing so that various combinations work now (reverse black on white, white on black, reverse white on black, etc)
  • Allow keymapping to map strings larger than 128 characters
  • Don’t change the location of the IME status window
  • Fix xterm function keys

Changes made in version 4.51(April 10, 2006)

  • Add smartcard authentication
  • Add authentication agent forwarding for smartcard and file-based RSA authentication
  • Add bubble-help with option to disable.
  • Add code for localization of UI.
  • Add first localized UI (Simplified Chinese)
  • Add support for COM Ports > 9 for all platforms
  • Add variable scrollback size
  • Add support for CTRL-F? function keys in Wyse60 emulation.
  • Add GB18030 character set translation
  • Allow unlimited number of files to be sent using file transfer on XP, 2000, NT, and 2003
  • Convert filename character set according to current translation settings when sending and receiving file from host.
  • Update installer to prompt for language
  • Update installer to allow install by non-priveledged user
  • fix bug in ANSIBBS terminal mode
  • fix compatibility problem with VMS.
  • Allow multiple passthrough prints to coallesce into one print job when using ‘direct to printer’
  • Don’t try to set tty modes. It’s not necessary in most cases and causes problems in some.
  • Add print setup dialog
  • Replace print dialog with Windows standard one
  • Add separate font selections for Asian and non-asian characters
  • Added input translation of carriage returns and linefeeds.
  • Fixed a WYSE60 emulation bug
  • Fixed WYSE60 caret display
  • Fixed WYSE60 key mappings
  • Fixed icon displayed in alt-tab dialog
  • Fixed icon displayed in connection file shortcuts
  • Fixed an xterm emulation bug related to saving and restoring cursor position
  • Fixed MRU list on win95
  • Fixed a SCOANSI bug when clearing screen
  • \Fixed crash caused by trial-period management code.

Changes made in version 4.01(Oct 31, 2005)

  • Added Wyse60 emulation
  • Added fullscreen mode
  • Added option for right-button paste
  • added support for DEC protected areas
  • minor UI enhancements
  • enabled serial port connections for Pocket PC version
  • change the way overstrike mode works (to make it a little less murky).
  • fixed a problem with font handling that was sometimes causing the wrong font to be selected
  • added Korean (ANSI/OEM) character set translation and fixed display on win95 and win98
  • fixed crash on win95 at the end of a zmodem receive
  • Removed hhupd.exe from the install. Makes it smaller and most systems don’t need it any more.
  • Fixed a bug in the naming and placement of the ssh_known_hosts file for ssh1.
  • Fixed the font selection combo box in the ‘appearance’ dialog so it shows Japanese font names properly in Asian Win9x.
  • Revisit Win95 compatibility, which had gotten neglected recently. Who uses Win95 any more?

Changes made in version 3.85(Jul 9, 2005)

  • Added ANSIBBS terminal type
  • Allow remote control of screen size and position
  • Added option to overwrite files if they already exist when receiving through x/y/zmodem.
  • Uninstall returns windows default telnet client
  • Allow forwarded ports to be bound to a particular interface
  • Add option to allow middle button to paste data
  • Add goto-url to the edit menu
  • Add overstrike mode to the display to adjust the thickness of the font.
  • Change how resizing is done in fixed_size mode. Don’t force aspect ratio. Allow font to be resized in the x and y dimensions.
  • Fix parsing of hex characters (\xff) in keymaps
  • Fix local echo and CR mapping
  • Begin port for Pocket PC

Changes made in version 3.80(Mar 8, 2005)

  • Improved performance for X11 forwarding
  • Fixed version notification
  • Add option to disable telnet protocol (for telnet to non-telnet ports)
  • New serial line control is more compatible with Cisco products
  • Properly print to the default printer when requested
  • Add option for select=copy
  • Add option for middlebutton=paste
  • Fixed crash when empty banner message is sent from ssh host
  • Fixed crash at trial expiration screen
  • Fixed crash when no modem is installed and you go to the dialup page
  • Properly display SSH port in the info-tip

Changes made in version 3.63(January 1, 2005)

  • Implemented xterm 256 color support
  • enhanced 16-color support
  • enhanced compatibility with FSecure servers
  • New installer (inno setup)
  • New context menu in edit controls
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Implemented a number of fixes for backward compatibility to Win9X

Changes made in version 3.50(October 29, 2004)

  • Enhanced international character set support across all versions of Windows through the implementation of Unicode and MSLU (Microsoft Layer for Unicode)
  • Enhanced to work better with non-standard Windows DPI settings (Large Fonts)
  • Numerous UI enhancements
  • Optimized buffer management for increased throughput
  • Increased support for IDNA (International Domain Names for Applications) everywhere domain names are used, including port forwarding and proxy hosts.
  • Fixed a memory leak in 3.13
  • Fixed some long standing emulation problems
  • Added host key checking as a security feature at login.
  • Fixed some situations where program was crashing.

Changes made in version 3.13(Apr 15, 2004)

  • Added International Domain Name support (IDNA). Check out Verisign for more info
  • Added ssh-break command to SSH2 to support break signals across an SSH connection (ctrl-break key activates it))
  • Fixed several small bugs introduced in 3.11

Changes made in version 3.11(Apr 10, 2004)

  • Added “keyboard-interactive” authentication type to SSH2
  • Fixed bug with RSA keys that have a passphrase
  • Fixed install for Windows 2003 server
  • Fixed cursor blink problem
  • Turned off key re-exchange by default. It was causing problems with older versions of OpenSSH server.
  • Instead of always launching a new app, the MRU list now loads the selected session into the current app if a connection is not currently active.
  • Fixed compatibility problem with Really REALLY old servers
  • Added user selection of cursor shape, blink, and color
  • Fixed text attributes of inserted characters (shows in pine)
  • Fixed bold text
  • Faster, more robust
  • Fixed problem with excessive page faults in version 3.00
  • Large amount of throughput no longer consumes excessive memory
  • When started with a telnet: URL, the app will not prompt to store config files.
  • Modified Horizontal scrollbar to allow terminal widths of virtually unlimited size
  • show proper directory in file sends and receives.
  • Fixed spacing problems when printing
  • Implement separate font sizes for screen and printer
  • Fixed problem where switching to ‘fixed’ screen size would not communicate size to host when screen size is changed at the same time.
  • Adjusted some element widths in dialog boxes
  • Fixed Winsock errors that occur when you disconnect while network activity is in progress (usually when port forwarding is in use)

Changes made in version 3.00(January 1, 2004)

  • Flicker-free display and enhanced stability in SSH
  • Manual entry of license keys
  • Added Option->Find feature
  • Fixed disappearing Cursor

Changes made in version 2.13(July 15, 2003)

  • Added password authentication to socks proxy
  • Added socks support to SSH1 connections
  • Enhanced support for 8-bit input data
  • Added better support for Microsoft IME and multinational keyboard input
  • Added ‘global’ default settings (see Options->Properties->Global)
  • Enhancements to work better with VMS
  • Added support for style private keys
  • Fixed bug with encrypted private keys introduced in 2.12
  • ‘Remember Position’ now remembers maximized state
  • Fixed xterm function keys
  • Fixed SSH2 stuttering problem
  • Fixed serial communication with some USB/Serial adapters
  • EMacs-meta key now only applies to left-alt, as right-alt is interpreted as alt-gr on international keyboards

Changes made in version 2.12(Feb 28, 2003)

  • Main window title text now supports unicode strings
  • Fixed title bar text for Win9x versions
  • Plaintext passwords now scrubbed from memory
  • Fixed bug where the CR-CR/LF toggle reverts to its default state
  • Pace the pastes a little bit to try to avoid losing data
  • Now includes RSA host key recognition
  • Correctly decode some malformed telnet URL syntax
  • Added decode of user:pass portion of telnet URL syntax
  • Added ssh, ssh1, and ssh2 URL syntax decoding (similar to (telnet://) syntax
  • Convert hyphen to ASCII minus. (only for display)
  • Detect UTF8 encoded data and suggest translation settings to the user.
  • Added Options->Reset Terminal function
  • Added Twofish128-cbc encryption algorithm to SSH2
  • Added AES128-cbc encryption algorithm to SSH2
  • Add option to include delay when pasting data (Options->Properties->Transfer)
  • Add option to write log in ‘cooked’ mode where control sequences are processed (Options->Properties->Global)

Changes made in version 2.11(Dec 30, 2002)

  • Support for various Windows version of charsets in translation settings.
  • Fixed crash on receipt of malformed telnet option
  • Completed SSH2 key generation
  • Character translation corrected for CP437 mode with CP437-only fonts.
  • More robust font resizing when maximized and terminal is fixed size.
  • Updated passthru printing to work with Win-printers
  • Passthru printing now supports charset translation.

Changes made in version 2.00(Nov 4, 2002)

  • Added ‘direct to printer’ setting for passthru printing
  • Increased compatibility with SSH Communications server implementation
  • Better compatibility with multi-monitor system.
  • Fixed the gap to the right and bottom of the screen when maximized.
  • Added support for UNICODE and multinational character set translations including several Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean encodings in addition to all of the ISO-8859 encodings and UTF8
  • Added e-macs compatibility mode that allows the alt key to act as the e-macs meta key.
  • Ctrl-space now sends a null character (for emacs)
  • Added keyboard re-mapping to allow complete remapping of any key combination!!! (a frequently requested feature)
  • Added QNX emulation
  • Added SCO-ANSI emulation
  • Added a counter to the X11 forwarding info dialog under SSH2
  • Fixed some double-wide/double-high font display problems
  • Disable keepalives by default. Keepalives were *causing* problems in some cases. They’re still there, if needed but will need to be enabled by the user.
  • Fixed a screen refresh bug where screen would not refresh after returning to normal video after reverse video.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing print screen to fail with some bad printer drivers
  • Fixed a pasting problem in ‘telnet’ connections where some data would be lost in the paste
  • Fixed support for passthru printing
  • Fixed SCOANSI linedraw mode (RC27)
  • Ignore some more escape sequences from SCOANSI mode (RC28)
  • Paste now follows CR mapping rules (RC28)
  • Fixed spacing of unicode characters defined as being ‘ambiguous’ in width. They sometimes appear full width and sometimes half, depending on the context in which they are used. (RC29)
  • Fixed copy/paste (RC30)
  • Fixed file/open bug (RC35)
  • Fully disable zlib compression library when compression level set to ‘NONE’
  • Removed debug messages from File->Copy function.
  • Added native support for many of the charset translations without requiring OS support
  • Fixed blinking text on fast updating screens. (RC40)
  • Brighten up the ansi colors a bit (RC41)

Changes made in version 1.84(Mar 28, 2002)

  • Fixed tty modes with BSDi host.
  • Fixed some focus and dialog initialization problems in the properties dialogs that have been bugging me for some time.
  • Fixed tabbing problems in global dialog
  • Added references to Online Support Forums in ‘Help’ menu and in the uninstall dialog
  • Changed ‘Close on Disconnect’ behavior so it is slightly less agressive about closing. Now, close on disconnect requires that a full connection be established and data is flowing in both directions before the app will even attempt to close when a disconnect is detected. This will alleviate the problem of the app closing immediately when a connection is terminated immediately after connecting.

Changes made in version 1.83(Feb 23, 2002)

  • Some modifications to work with SCO OpenServer
  • Fixed a Major emulation bug

Changes made in version 1.82(Feb 21, 2002)

  • Fixed output flow control that was causing “Would Block” errors under SSH2 on Windows9X machines
  • Fixed xmodem and ymodem receives on all platforms
  • Fixed zmodem incorrectly reporting errors when non occurred
  • Added a configurable download directory

Changes made in version 1.81(Feb 12, 2002)

  • Added “Remember Position” flag.
  • Added option to change the way the program starts
  • Added Keepalives(SSH1, SSH2, and Telnet)
  • Added Public Key authentication for SSH2
  • Fixed ZModem under SSH2.
  • Fixed COM Port disconnection when break detected
  • Fixed XTerm delete key
  • Fixed ANSI function keys
  • Fixed SSH1 and SSH2 to allow auto login via RSA
  • Fixed some double-height/wide font problems.

Changes made in version 1.80(Nov 28, 2001)

  • Fixed SSh2 bug that caused unwanted interractions with other windows

Changes made in version 1.78(Nov 09, 2001)

  • support for XTERM window title change
  • change some application settings to per-user settings. This is particularly important for multi-user machines or Windows “Terminal Sever”
  • Better tab handling
  • Username/password saving and automatic login for SSH1 and SSH2.
  • Option to print in color or Black/White
  • Enhanced indicators in GUI
  • Fixed ‘transparent’ window background.

Changes made in version 1.77(Sep 16, 2001)

  • XTerm mouse capability
  • Improved function key settings
  • Multiple terminal types
  • Improved xterm emulation,including pgup,pgdn,home,end,insert keys
  • Some support for middle mouse button
  • default username for SSH auth
  • Wheel mouse support
  • Save the username in SSH1 and SSH2 connections
  • Fix a screen resize problem when program is maximized.
  • Added a “Buy Now” button to the toolbar
  • Correctly echo pasted data when “local echo” is enabled.
  • Improved handling of the keypad
  • Fixed a scenario that caused SSH2 sessions to lock up the terminal

Changes made in version 1.75(July 20, 2001)

  • Added SSH1 and SSH2 port forwarding
  • X11 forwarding for SSH1 and SSH2
  • Better SSH server version incompatibility detection
  • Socks5 for SSH2 and Telnet
  • Improved error handling in Telnet protocol
  • No longer dependent on Winsock 2
  • New common dialogs for file open/close on ME and 2000
  • SSH Info dialog under SSH2 protocol
  • Fix for various disconnect errors in SSH2
  • Better support for more SSH server vendors
  • Collect Auth data before connection is established

Changes made in version 1.74 (Jun. 01, 2001)

  • Added more ANSI escape sequences
  • More precise ANSI coloring and IBM graphics characters when using the ‘TERMINAL’ font.
  • Autodetect ANSI terminal mode and set some basic ANSI defaults for color, font, and screen size
  • Fixed the parsing of the telnet://host:port URL syntax
  • Send CR/LF pair by default, and make it a user configurable option.
  • changed default foreground/background to white/black
  • Fix for backspacing when local echo is enabled
  • Fixed telnet option negotiation bug that may cause excessive communication with the host and munch processor time.
  • Fixed bug with SSH Port number that limited values to 0-255.
  • Fixed some focus problems in the connection property sheet
  • REMOVED THE ADVERTISING and reconfigured the trial period code.
  • Correct implementation of BREAK in serial connections
  • Corrected File->New Window functionality for AbsoluteTelnet
  • New license key mechanism that does not require a new key when you upgrade the OS or get a new machine!! YAAAYYYY!!!
  • Added SSH2 for improved security over SSH1.

Changes made in version 1.732 (Feb. 28, 2001)

  • Added more escape sequences for additional ANSI compatibility

Changes made in version 1.731 (Feb. 23, 2001)

  • Fixed SSH under NT
  • Fixed SSH double-space pasting problem
  • Add configurable option to enable/disable the setting of the host’s “DISPLAY” environment variable under telnet.
  • Fixed interpretation of 8-bit escape characters
  • Fixed improper shutdown of SSH that may cause abnormal program termination when disconnecting from SSH
  • Implemented VT keypad

Changes made in version 1.73 (Jan 30, 2001)

  • Fixed terminal size problem with some UNIX platforms
  • Added a few VT emulation control sequences
  • Fixed SSH buffer problem
  • No longer requires administrator to install on NT

Changes made in version 1.72 (Jan 17, 2001)

  • Fixed Ctrl-C problem introduced in 1.70.

Changes made in version 1.70 (Jan 1, 2001)

  • Added SSH!!! Finally!
  • Fixed Ctrl-Break problem in telnet

Changes made in version 1.63 (June 8, 2000)

  • Fixed “save as” bug introduced in 1.62
  • Other small GUI enhancements and features
  • Fixed exceptions in file transfer

Changes made in version 1.62 (May 10, 2000)

  • Added xmodem, ymodem and zmodem file transfer
  • Handy “New Window” feature to open additional window to current host
  • Drag/Drop file send
  • More accurate line drawing in linedraw mode using any font!!
  • Added option for fixed size screens

Changes made in version 1.61 (March 8, 2000)

  • Added raw COM port connections
  • Added Passthru Printing
  • Made some minor interface enhancements
  • Report connection speed on TAPI connections
  • Added LOCAL ECHO to terminal options
  • Added Session Logging to “File” menu

Changes made in version 1.60

  • Added new VT escape sequences

Changes made in version 1.58 (December 28, 1999)

  • Fixed text attribute/color bug introduced in 1.56

Changes made in version 1.57

  • Fixed cursor bug introduced in 1.56

Changes made in version 1.56 (December 2, 1999)

  • Horizontal Scrollbar
  • Support for E-Registration
  • Support for Site Licenses
  • Fix jittery about box

Changes made in version 1.54 (October 6, 1999)

  • Fix to enumerate all printers
  • Added Copy/Paste combined option
  • Added “Always on top” option

Changes made in version 1.53

  • Address changed for new headquarters.

Changes made in version 1.52 (September 3, 1999)

  • Installation bug fixed.

Changes made in version 1.50

  • Long filenames in title bar
  • Numerous VT100 enhancements
  • Command line execution (‘start CSTelnet ‘)
  • Added InfoTips. (Pass your mouse over a CSTelnet connection file to see one)
  • ANSI Emulation
  • ANSI Color
  • VT52 Emulation
  • Configurable behavior through Global properties tab
  • Different icons for Telnet and Telephony .tnt files
  • True Double High and Double Wide characters with any font
  • Enhanced screen drawing routines
  • New Help File
  • Store selected dialup line and line configuration in connection file
  • More context sensitive help in property sheets
  • Window sizing in Windows 98 fixed
  • Enhanced window sizing routines
  • TAPI MessageBoxes display on top of main window
  • X DISPLAY location negotiation
  • Make CSTelnet the default system telnet
  • Release Candidate (RC) program
  • Version Checking fixed
  • Faster connection using IP Address

Changes made in version 1.40 (November 5, 1998)

  • Introduce CSPing in Windows’ context menu
  • Fixed Windows common controls bug introduced by Visual C++ 6.0
  • Automatic version checking introduced
  • Added application default color settings
  • Sample Text displayed correctly
  • Scrollback synchronization fix for dialup
  • NT Screen minimize bug fixed (single column screen size)
  • Implemented HTML Help help system
  • Start application in default location specified by Windows
  • Fix File/Open File/New menu options
  • More context sensitive help in dialogs
  • Resize and Reshape dialogs for uniformity
  • New generic object in about box
  • Some generic dialup modifications
  • Emulation enhancements to support more platforms

Changes made in version 1.30

  • Intermediate unreleased Alpha version
  • Begin using Visual C++ 6.0 and introduced a bug with older versions of Windows common controls.

Changes made in version 1.20

  • Scrollbar/Scrollback synchronization options
  • Property dialog improvements
  • NT TAPI dialup fixed
  • Title bar format adjusted
  • Real BLINKING TEXT implemented
  • VT100 corrections (IBM)
  • Registration enhancements
  • toolbar and menu semantics altered

Changes made in version 1.00 – 1.10

  • Windows Telephony Dialup
  • Automatic upgrade detection
  • Bold Font width problem fixed
  • Self extracting install EXE
  • Secure Licensing
  • Dialog improvements
  • Increased throughput. (4-5 times faster than .57)
  • status bar active/inactive checkbox
  • Screen width no longer limited to 150 columns
  • Color scheme cycling
  • tool bar active/inactive checkbox
  • scroll bar active/inactive checkbox
  • improved scrollback handling
  • new proportional scrollbar
  • File open dialog defaults to last used directory
  • leave out debug property sheet when built for release.
  • Font dialog defaults to current pointsize

Changes made in version .56

  • Emulation problem on HPUX fixed
  • Emulation tab problem fixed for AIX
  • Screen attributes complete
  • Printing introduced
  • linedraw character set introduced
  • VT100 function keys introduced
  • Initial offscreen placement fixed
  • Word selection now selects words that wrap lines
  • Initial window size now set correctly with fonts other than 8pt
  • Corrected screen attributes for PYRAMID
  • Double click selects word
  • Triple click selects line
  • Quad click selects screen
  • delete line now works on HPUX
  • font dialog now creates font of correct size

Changes made in version .57

  • Printing fixed (black borders)
  • Selection scrolling fixed
  • Variable speed selection scrolling added
  • Some display characteristics changed
  • Install detects when files are in use and prompts for reboot

Changes made in version .55

  • Fixed About box
  • Fixed context menu
  • Fixed a VT100 bug
  • selecting text correctly selects text that has wrapped lines.
  • Selected block now disappears at appropriate times
  • VT100 insert line bug fixed
  • Font face and size selection in toolbar.
  • Fixed Maximize function
  • Screen attributes introduced

Changes made in version .52

  • Context Menu added
  • Property Sheets fixed

Changes made in version .51

  • rewrite VT100 emulation

Changes made in version .50

  • Base Functionality