If you’ve already installed a prior version of AbsoluteTelnet/SSH, this download will upgrade you to 12.16.  If you purchased a pro license in the past, you get one year of upgrades FREE!! Additional upgrades can be purchased for a reduced price.

AbsoluteTelnet Telnet, SSH, and SFTP 12.16

  • Increased compatibility with newer Cisco switches
  • Support for SHA2 in authentication keys, plus RFC-8308 support so we know when to use them.
    • Around Openssh 8.8, default behavior is to stop supporting SHA1 signatures in authentication by default, so this is required moving forward.
  • Support for OpenSSH ETM MACs
  • Numerous bug fixes and subtle improvements
  • Fixes problem introduced in 11.41 ‘classic’ interface
SITEVersionArchitectureDownload LINK
Celestial Software12.1664/32-bit   This version is suitable for most Windows installations.  NOTE: If you use AbsoluteTelnet/SSH VBScript scripting under 64-bit windows, you will need to download and install the 32-bit only version below.  Microsoft does not support VBScript in 64-bit applicationsClick Here to download
Celestial Software12.1632-bit only  If you need to use VBScript scripting for login scripts or other scripting automation, choose this to install 32-bit AbsoluteTelnet/SSH under both 32 and 64 bit versions of windows
Click Here to download