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New SSH vulnerability: CVE-2023-48795

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I do not know if Absolute Telnet is impacted by this. I'm just passing the info along as I've been getting news alerts about it.

[url= ]CVE Record | CVE[/url]

[url= ]NVD - CVE-2023-48795[/url]

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I'm looking into it. This is a fairly recent development.

Best practice recommendation is to disable vulnerable algorithms.... ETM macs (options/properties/connection/ssh2/encryption), cbc mode encryptions (same page) as well as ChaCha20-Poly1305 (but Absolute doesn't even implement that)

To disable an algorithm, select it and re-order it below the 'algorithms below this line are disabled' line.

There will likely be a new version coming out to address this specifically. OpenSSH has introduced a feature called "strict key exchange" which is rapidly becoming the de-facto solution for this.

Stay tuned....


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Update have been made that address the Terrapin vulnerability.

See here for details:

Go here to download Absolute 12.11 or higher: