Beta Testing

From time to time, you’ll find here the latest changes and newest features for what will come in the next release. These ‘release candidates’ have a limited lifespan, an expiration date. Not to be confused with your 30-day demo period, release candidates expire on a specific date that it will announce to you each time you run it, something like this:

By that time, either a NEW release candidate will be announced (on this page) or the release candidate will become final and posted to the normal download section of the website.

Current Release Candidate: AbsoluteTelnet 12.17 RC2
Expiration Date: June 26, 2024

Download links:
64 bit:
32 bit:

The first release candidate for version 12.17 contains the following changes:

  • Autoconfigure algorithms when a compatible set can’t be found and a requested one of ours is disabled.
  • Modeless property sheets
  • Fix problem with long license names introduced in 12.16
  • subtle improvements to thread management
  • Other bug fixes, self-testing, validation, and quality checks
  • Fixed smartcard issue with 12.17 RC1