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Bug in directory creation from sftp browser ?

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Recently upgraded to 10.16.

In the SFPT browser, when I use the icon to create a directory on the windows client (this is windows 7), it appears to work but omits the path separator. So for example if I'm in dir aa/bb/, and try to create a directory named cc, it actually creates a directory aa/bbcc/. I can make it create the right directory by entering /cc, but it displays two directories and I have to refresh before I can navigate to the one I want.

Also, the font for the tab labels is a kind of small and it's not as easy to see which tab I'm on currently, compared to 8.14. Is there a way to control the tab font?
The icon bar font is a little bit and the fields are partly obscured but it's not bothering me.

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I believe both of these issues are fixed in V11. A few SFTP issues were fixed and the FONT issue is likely related to a problem with multi-monitor DPI scaling that is also fixed.

Go to the download page and try it out.