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Pasting into telnet window

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How do I paste into the telnet window? Paste under the Edit menu is disabled. I am currently using the lite version. Could pasting be disabled in the lite version?

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Pasting is not disabled in the lite version. The requirement for pasting is that you have an active connection (a connected host to paste to) and something on the clipboard that is pastable, such as text. Trying to copy/paste a graphic, for example, into AbsoluteTelnet SSH will result in the 'paste' menu being greyed out.

In some special circumstances, those who administer your PC and installed software may administratively disable certain functions (such as paste) that they feel may contribute to user related errors, but I would think this is rare.

Read the above and if you believe you are encountering this condition in error, please reply back and we'll work through some more specifics.