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xmodem to a router via a terminal server

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I have a cisco 3620 router whose console cable is connected to a terminal server. I am trying to send an IOS image via the ROMMON xmodem feature. So I telneted to the terminal server, then telnetted from there to the pseudo port representing the console line. I set up the router to receive the xmodem transfer and then started it up on the absolute telnet window. The transfer fails with all errored packets. I tried both x and y modem with the same results and at two different speeds.

Any ideas??

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I'd have to believe that there's some data not getting through or some data being added to the data stream. xmodem and zmodem rely on being able to put the telnet connection into 'raw' mode so that all data is passed transparently. When you're jumping through so many hoops, I'd imagine somewhere along the line, the connection is running in 'cooked' mode (converting LF to CR/LF for example) when you don't want it to. I'm not familiar enough with your environment to tell you what to do.