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Just upgraded to 6.28, and I really like this
feature, thanks! I've been stuck with winscp
since my company started requiring sftp, and
this is easier to use, with a couple of

I have symbolic links from my server home
directory to various other directories I need
to get to often. These say "Broken Link" in
the display, and clicking results in "Unknown
file type 3. I don't know what to do with that".
(BTW, ftp commander handled these without
problems, and winscp orders them oddly but
clicking gets to to where I need to go).
It's much more work to navigate up three levels
to a list of 100s of directories, find the one I
need, go back down five levels.

- I need some kind of "yes to all" overwrite
option when uploading a list of files so I don't
have to click for every file

- icons don't work so well for me, I'd like a
way to have words under the icons. Otherwise I
make a lot of accidental directories...

- I'd love to have a heirarchical directory
structure in the file list, especially on the
client side. (not asking to much, am I...)

Anyway, good job!

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Thanks Lisa for all of your recommendations. I have a lot of things on my todo list, but I'll be adding some of yours. In the short term, though, I at least patched up the SFTP module to better handle Symbolic links. Give it a try here:

<old link removed> Update to at least 6.34



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