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Feature request: Import/Export port forwarding

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I'm finding I am averaging about 20 ports that I must manually configure as port forwarding in AT, and I'm having to do it more frequently. (For me it's always "Forward local port" and not "Forward remote server port".) Can the following features be added to AT:

1) allow exporting the current connection's port forwarding entries to a text file or maybe an xml file (in case I want to edit it with a plain text editor)

2) allow importing from a text/xml file

3) add a way to remove multiple entries within the SSH Forwarding Setup screen, perhaps by...

3a) implementing a new "Remove all" button, or
3b) allow selecting multiple entries as in standard windows list boxes, or
3c) add a new column for selection checkboxes in front of each entry, then add buttons for "Select all" or "Select none".

If 3b) or 3c) are implemented I would envision that the Edit button would need to be disabled if more than one entry is selected.

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1. It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but you *can* save the who connection file and make copies, which will take the port forwarding definitions along with them.

2. Not necessary if you use copies in #1. Again, not exactly what you asked for, but....

3. I'll look into this....


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Hi Brian,

I'm sure you know the problem with just making copies of the connection files is that I would still have to do manual merging of the port forwarding info for all my existing connections.

If an import/export option is impractical, maybe you could allow the port forwarding to be in a separate text/xml file that can be linked to a connection file? I would envision being able to link the same port forwarding file to multiple connections. The current UI for setting up port forwarding could remain and be useful as exceptions unique to connections, with the external port forwarding text/xml file providing additional port forwarding.

The keymaps directory has simple text files. I can't think of a reason for the port forwarding info to be encrypted since there are no passwords associated with port forwarding.