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license in windows 7: distribution

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we managed to install Absolute telnet (lite) with GPO, by making an msi. That went OK. I have a license on my name. In other topics I read that I should register the license once, than take the AbsoluteTelnet.trg file and copy it to "the install folder of absolute telnet" . We are talking windows 7 machines here, so that would be c:/program files (x86)/absolute telnet/program. Ok, I did that, but with any (new) user, who starts an telnet session, it asks for a license. Then, there are 2 solutions:
1) double click the license file
2) fill in the license form with the appropiate information and click register
if option 2) is carried out, the license file is put in c:/users/%username%/appdata/localvirtualstore/windows
All too confusing for me.
So please, tell me how to distribute the license without my users having to do anything....

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It looks like you copied the .trg file to the 'program' subfolder. Don't do that. Just move it to the install folder (c:/program files(x86)/AbsoluteTelnet).

That should do the trick.