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Connecting through Windows Firewall

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What program or service do I have to specify in an outbound rule in Windows Firewall so AT can connect with the firewall set to block connections that do not match a rule? I have Firewall blocking all inbound connections whether they match a rule or not.

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First, to allow AbsoluteTelnet/SSH to make connections, it would be an outbound rule, not an inbound one. In windows firewall, you can either allow Absolute by adding it as a trusted executable or you can allow connections through the SSH port (22)

For option 1:
1. In windows firewall, choose 'outbound rules'
2. Choose 'new rule'
3. select 'program', hit next
4. Browse to the installation for AbsoluteTelnet.exe, then click next (usually c:\program files\AbsoluteTelnet\program\AbsoluteTelnet.exe)
6. choose 'allow the connection', click next
7 click next
8 give the rule a name, then finish.