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scrolling problem

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Before i start let me just say, i am new to this program and i am only just getting to grips with it.
The problem i am having is it doesnt seem to be captureing the whole screen, if i have 20 lines of text and i use the arrow key to move down each line, it gets to line 10 and the cursor stops and it wont move past line 10
i'm connecting to our plc on direct to com using a serial cable, running vt100 emulation

appearance tab
text font = lucinda console
asian text font = arial
color = use connction colors is ticked
cursor color = user difined is ticked
size and behavior rows = 38
columns -= 132
automatically change rows and columns is ticked
font size = 12
printer font size = 10
display options vertical scroll bar is ticked
remember position is ticked
translation = ISO-8859-1 (Latin 1 weatern european)

connection tab
9600 bits per sedcond
parity none
stop bits 1
data bits 8.

proxy not used

vt options
backspace sends = bs
enter sends = cr
absolute telnet sends = 7 bit
bell= ticked
cursor = vertical
terminal options = vt100
terminal string = vt100
save from scrolling regions = ticked
translate form host, cr is = cr
lf is = cr
mousing = windowes mousing
scrollsync = resync on keypress

any help would be much appreaciated, scott

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Sounds like some kind of emulation bug between the host and the client.

Can you provide a logfile?