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Global Config Parameters?

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Hi, I've been using Absolute Telnet for a while now and just purchased 3 licenses. While I've learning to use the interface, I have added certain things into the interface that helps me. I was wondering if there's a way to make the change Global to all my saved Absolute Telnet files? For instance, I would like to have the same key mappings when I access all of my 300 switches but for right now, it only affects the session that I'm currently on. Also, other certain things like foreground and background color. I would hate to have to go and manually change it in all 300 files. If there's a feature that could take my config preferences and bulk apply it, that would be very helpful.

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For colors, this is easy, at least after the first time. On Options->Properties->Appearance, there is an option to 'use application defaults' Once defined, you can select 'use application defaults' and your terminal screen's will use a single global definition for screen color. Of course, you will have to make one pass through each config to change to 'use application defaults' the first time. From then on, they will all use the app defaults for screen color.

For kemaps, it can be done but requires some manipulation of the keymap files in the installation directory. If you're interested in attempting, let me know.

In a general sense, though, there is also currently no way to mass-apply configuration changes to existing saved configurations. Your question is not unique. Absolute's saved connection files are handy and portable, but these kinds of maintenance issues arise when a large number of them are accumulated.


1. Use a single connection file with all of your preferred settings, but *without* the hostname filled in. When you launch it, you will be prompted to enter the hostname, followed of course by the username and password.

2. Instead of using saved connection files, create an HTML page full of SSH or TELNET URLs that you can click the links to launch the app.

3. PROPOSED POSSIBLE SOLUTION (not in existence yet) ... Something I've had in mind for awhile... A full command line syntax for launching Absolute. When used in conjunction with an application launching tool, create the required command lines on the fly instead of using stored config files. Similar to number 2 above, but with more available options than you could access through the URL syntax.