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Initial Terminal Font Size Incorrect After Login

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I'm using AbsoluteTelnet 7.21 and for some reason, the initial terminal font size appear incorrectly after I log in (SSH).

After loggin in, as soon as I click on the window border to resize--without even resizing; just clicking on the border (e.g., lower right-hand edge)--the terminal screen and font sizes switch to exactly what I have them set to.

The problem only occurs after I log in. Even the "Connecting to..." initial screen appears in the correct font size.

I have tried to testing it with the option of saving the widow size enabled and disabled, and both ways still produce the same results with the incorrect.

In the attached zip file, there are 3 screenshots:
1) Screen 1 (Good) - This is the "Connecting to..." initial screen that appears when you launch AbsoluteTelnet. Note that the terminal screen font appears fine, as per my settings;

2) Screen 2 (Bad) - This is the post login screen, right after I had entered my password. The font size is like double! Note the terminal screen size characteristics have also changed (I highlighted them in red). When I click on the lower right edge of the window (I highlighted that in green)--again, without even resizing, but just clicking on it (but resizing or maximizing all equally have the same effect)--the result is Screen 3;

3) Screen 3 (Good) - The font is as per my settings, just like in Screen 1.

Any idea why this is happening?

Thanks! [file size=93272] [/file]

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My first guess would be that something in your login scripts (.bashrc, .profile or similar) is changing the screen dimensions. Look through these scripts for anything that looks like it might be doing that. Comment it out and try again. If you want to post the scripts here, I'll take a look.


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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! 🙂

It wasn't something in a login script per se. After slowly debugging my login scripts, I discovered it had to do with the PATH setting.

On another forum I had read that a certain directory for a custom app should be prepended to the PATH. I changed it back to append the directory (which, by the way, is the default setting when the app was installed) and the AbsoluteTelnet font problem disappeared.

Thanks again for your help!