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Telent Server is very slow to respond to Client

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Hi All,

I'm having an Switch board which is having an LPC18xx and m running a Telent Server on top of it. We are having making an TCP Connection by opening sockets. (Not using Keil LPC's Default Telnet Server). We have to have our own Telnet Server code cause we have to add few features for Telent Client and we have succeeded in adding features. But the Response from Telent server is a bit slow. Means i have for some reasons disabled Local echo for Telnet Client so Every character us echoed back to Client as user types command. But echo and also the command response from Telnet server is slow, which looks bad while typing command fast. It is giving way too much latency for fast typed commands.

I have disabled DELAYED_ACK option to reduce latency, it helped very little though. Can anyone please suggest me silution for this problem. Or to advice me few things so that i can try to reduce latency.

Thanks a lot in advance for your inputs.

Any help would be appreciated.

Brajesh Sharma