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Not sure how your doing the x, y and Zmodem at present but I would like to suggest taking a look at
SEXYZ. This is a true 32 bit version of Zmodem, Xmodem and Ymodem that Digital Man (programmer of Synchronet) has came out with.. It like all his software is open source and Im sure he would let you
use the code for your Zmodem, Xmodem and Ymodem stuff.. Or of course you could just support external protocals and we could just dl the SEXYZ and use it if we wanted..
For more info and for those interested visit [url= ][/url]

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My x/y/z modem stuff was written by Chuck Forsberg at [url= ]Omen Technology[/url], the guy who invented zmodem. Overall, its compatibility with other packages has been quite good, and I've got access to full source code, in case it isn't. I'm not likely to change it at this point.

I would, however, be interested in testing compatibility with the Synchronet version.