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I've lost my license, what do I do?

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When you need to reinstall the software after a system failure or Windows upgrade, you only need to reinstall the trial version of AbsoluteTelnet and re-apply the license that you received via e-mail when you first purchased the program. If, for any reason, you cannot locate your license information, you can retrieve it via the Celestial Software website ( ). Check out the "My Account" section in the navigation pane to the left of your browser screen. If you purchased version 2.00 or later, you would have created a login at the time your purchased that you could use to access the "My Account" page. If you purchased prior to version 2.00, you'll need to create the account now. You must create the account using the same email address that you used when you originally purchased the software, in order for the original sales records to be linked to your newly created account automatically. If properly registered, you'll see your license information on the 'My Account' page, and there will be a button to have the license e-mailed to you.

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