Compatible Algorithms

Compatible algorithms are chosen at connection time from the algorithm lists enabled and supported by both client and server. If you received the error message “No set of compatible algorithms could be found” while attempting to connect, the server and client could not agree, and that message may have brought you to THIS PAGE! Generally, this means you’re either using a VERY old server, VERY old client, or some needed algorithms are disabled. With a sufficiently recent server and client, this should rarely happen.

Algorithms supported by the LATEST version of AbsoluteTelnet/SSH can be found on the Supported Algorithms page.


  • Update your client (download here). New algorithms are only added to new versions of the software. Make sure you have the latest. Check the Supported Algorithms page to see when specific algorithms were introduced
  • Enable any disabled algorithms and try again. It’s possible through configuration that you may have disabled some algorithms required by this server. See Options->Properties->Connection->SSH2. As of version 12.17, Absolute will attempt to do this FOR YOU, but it will TELL YOU and ask you to agree. If you have a version < 12.17, see “Update your client” above
  • If you’re using an old server, please consider updating your server! With embedded systems or servers you don’t control, this is not always possible. To continue supporting you, we have never removed older algorithms from the software, only deprecated them and/or reduced their priority in selection. But in the future, if deprecated algorithms are ever removed, connections to older servers might fail.
  • Contact Brian at Celestial Software for guidance

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