AbsoluteTelnet – Keyboard Commands

Many functions, such as scrollback navigation, find, etc. can be accessed directly via keyboard shortcuts. This article describes the varios keys and key combinations that are accessible from AbsoluteTelnet.

Cursor Keys… While holding down the CTRL key, cursor keys perform the following actions:

up-arrowmove up in scrollback one line
PG-UPmove up in scrollback one page
Homemove to the top of the scrollback
Down-Arrowmove down in scrollback one line
PG-DOWNmove down in scrollback one page
Endmove to the bottom of the scrollback
Keyboard shortcuts

Function Keys

For the VT100 emulation, the first four function keys send the standard vt100 function key escape sequences.

Break Key

To send a BREAK in a telnet or serial connection, press the Ctrl-Break key combination. In a telnet session, this will send the telnet BREAK command. For serial connections, this will send a one second serial BREAK signal on the currently open serial port.

Copy/Paste Keys

Because the host may count on being able to receive Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V as keypresses, AbsoluteTelnet uses Ctrl-Ins as Copy and Shift-Ins as Paste

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