AbsoluteTelnet – Mouse Commands

The mouse can be used for clicking, selecting, dragging and dropping.  In this article, find out how to effectively use the mouse in AbsoluteTelnet/SSH


  • Double clicking selects an entire word.
  • Triple-clicking selects an entire line.
  • Quad-clicking selects an entire screen.
  • To select a portion of the screen to print or copy, hold down the primary mouse button in the AbsoluteTelnet window and drag the mouse.
  • If you drag the mouse of the window, the screen will start to scroll.
  • The farther you drag the mouse off the screen, the faster the screen will scroll.
  • To continue the selection, hold down the Ctrl key and continue dragging.

Rectangular selections can be made by holding down the ALT key prior to making a selection


To print the current selection, choose the File/Print command or press the print button on the toolbar. AbsoluteTelnet – Printing


To copy the current selection, choose the Edit/Copy command of press the copy button on the toolbar. Copying can also be done by pressing the Ctrl-Ins keyboard combination.

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