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Break Key sequences always changing

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Here is my problem. Every couple years I end up with a new notebook. I can't even remember the last time I had one with a break key. They all have that same function hidden somewhere, but it always varies depending on the model and even on the version of Windows.

I'm tired of spending hours trying to figure out the right key combination to send a Break and battling with not always having the keys I need send it.

I've created some VBscripts for Absolute Telnet, and mapped them to keys or key combos to do my bidding for thing like enabling loging, timestamps, or automating logins. I would like to have a little VBScript that I can map to a key to utilize object.SendKeys to send a {BREAK}. But need a hand with the syntax

I'm looking for something like below, that I can map to a key in Absolute Telnet.


Sub Main
Terminal.SendKeys "{BREAK}"
End Sub


If I could get this to work, then I wouldn't have to spend hours trying to figure out every machine/OS combo for sending a Break.

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You can do this today, you just need to know the escape sequence for a break.....

..... Just went to figure this out on my computer and realized I don't have a break key either.....

Doesn't ctrl-c work in most cases?