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XModem Transfert

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I found AbsoluteTelnet when I was looking for a client Xmodem tool.

In fact, I had a such tool but on a very old machine. So, I had to found a new util for Windows.

So, I just download your evaluation version and want to try an Xmodem Transfert but the documentation is very short for this protocol. So, is there anybody who can tell me how it works because I just have an old modem and I don't know this protocol? (Which type of connection, parameters for the line...)

Thanks for all and sorry if it seems to be a very simple question (I don't know Xmodem and I have a very short time to find a solution).


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First, you have to connect to a host. This connection can be either by modem, direct serial connection, or some type of network connection via ssh or telnet. You can set the parameters for the connection in the Options->Properties->Connection menu. Once connected, you need to start the transfer on the remote side, then choose either Transfer->Send-Xmodem or Transfer->Receive->Xmodem to begin the transfer on the client side.