SFTP not working
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SFTP not working

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I downloaded a trial copy of AbsoluteTelnet to try. It logs on OK, but when I click the sftp button the GUI pops up and then instantly goes away. Am I missing something?

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Steve, If you're using OpenSSH server, the most common cause of this is shell output from your .profile, .bashrc or .cshrc. Here is section 2.9 of the OpenSSH faq <link no longer available> :

2.9 - sftp/scp fails at connection, but ssh is OK. sftp and/or scp may fail at connection time if you have shell initialization (.profile, .bashrc, .cshrc, etc) which produces output for non-interactive sessions. This output confuses the sftp/scp client. You can verify if your shell is doing this by executing: ssh yourhost /usr/bin/true If the above command produces any output, then you need to modify your shell initialization.

Report back here if you are able to identify the problem.

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