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I've set up this forum as the central site for the AbsoluteTelnet localization project. AbsoluteTelnet localizations are all user-contributed.

If you're a fan of AbsoluteTelnet and you'd like to help, your can contribute in several different ways. Perhaps you'd like to start an entirely new translation, or perhaps you like to help on a project that is currently under way!

Proofreaders and additional translators are always needed for existing projects, so if you are interested in participating in a project that is already under way, please contact the project leader via the links below. If you are interested in translating AbsoluteTelnet into your own language, please contact me at (bpence at and I'll get you set up.

Below are the projects that are in progress, along with their status and leader.

Language Status Leader

English Complete Brian Pence (1)

Chinese (Simplified) Complete Yi Wang (3166)

Portuguese Complete Carlos Jorge Cruz (5706)

French Complete Stéphane Robert (2506)

German Complete Frank Dehner (3303)

Russian Complete Salavat Ibragimov (5710)

Norwegian Complete Thomas Berge (399)

Hungarian Started Mozes "SeaQR" Zsolt (5739)

Spanish Started Juan José Tarud (5744)

When a project begins, the project leader receives a file in Unicode format that contains the English text of all dialogs, prompts, menus, etc from the AbsoluteTelnet application. The project leader then translates the file and returns it to me.

If multiple people are involved in a single project, the project leaders are responsible for coordinating translation efforts among multiple contributors. A leader may choose to assign portions of the translation to different people or just have people proof-read and submit comments. In the end, I expect a single translated language file returned to me which I will include in the next distribution.