AbsoluteTelnet – SmartCard and Token Authentication

Public key authentication can provide more secure login than password authentication. With public-key authentication you generate a key pair to use to validate your identity instead of using a shared password that both you and the host know. The server is given your public key, and possession of the private key is enough to prove

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AbsoluteTelnet – VTTest Score

Because AbsoluteTelnet and CSTelnet are based off of the same telnet engine, VTTest scores are identical for each.  VTTEST VT100/VT102 Compatibility Test Score SheetProgram and version: Celestial Software 1.5 and above Date: ____10 Jan 98___Score: ____98____ + Extra credit: ____5____ = Final score: ____103___Check box if test passed.  Score 1 point per check mark.Perfect score

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Welcome to AbsoluteTelnet!

Welcome to AbsoluteTelnet the quickest, easiest, and most complete Telnet and SSH client for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/7/8/10 and 11! When you choose AbsoluteTelnet, you’re making an investment in quality software. AbsoluteTelnet has been designed with usability as its primary focus. Try it free for 30 days and you’ll be a believer, too! With uncompromising attention to

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AbsoluteTelnet – Connection Files

AbsoluteTelnet/SSH stores configuration information in files rather than in the registry.  This gives you the opportunity to see, copy, manipulate, and start connections without having to first load the program.  For example, you can have connections defined on your desktop so you can access them quickly and connect instantly… The AbsoluteTelnet Connection file (.tnt extension)

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