AbsoluteTelnet – Bidirectional Text Support (RTL)

AbsoluteTelnet supports the full Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm as well as combining characters and Arabic shaping.  Support for Bidirectional text and Arabic shaping is provided by the GNU Fribidi library maintained by Behdad Esfahbod at fribidi.org. RTL support is disabled by default. You can enable it through the RTL button on the toolbar. RTL support increases the

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AbsoluteTelnet – Tabbed Interface

AbsoluteTelnet/SSH introduce the tabbed interface in the version 5 line of software. By using the tabbed interaface, users can gain productivity by eliminating window clutter on the desktop. All terminal windows are contained within a single top-level application window and accessible through a tabbed window control. Of course, there’s always the option to open multiple

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